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AT&T Premier Ordering System

I ordered an iPhone 4 through the online Premiere site ... horrible decision on my part.   Somehow, in the order processing, they decided that my business building number and suite information was not needed and proceeded to strip that part of the address out.  Obviously, FedEx could not deliver, couldn't hold it and shipped it back.


Premier is only available by phone M-F and AT&T Personal cannot even see the order information.  So what now?   Anyone know?

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Re: AT&T Premier Ordering System

Thank you for participating within the AT&T Business Forums.  We would need further information to better assist you.  We have sent you a Private Message with further details on what information we would need.

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Re: AT&T Premier Ordering System

I had the same issue at my apartment. ATT premier removed my apt number. Fortunately for me, fed-ex delivered it to our front office and someone there was willing to sign for it. I was able to get the phone, but that's just when the problems started with me and Premier!