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MobileIron VSP from AT&T is Here!

What does this solution provide?


Secure Multiplatform Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Enterprise Smartphones


The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform (VSP) from AT&T is one of the first solutions to combine data-driven smartphone management with real-time wireless cost control. It provides multiplatform visibility for industry-leading mobile devices like iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Android, Symbian.  This ensures that the IT team understands what’s on a smartphone and how it’s being used, giving proactive visibility to both IT and users to better secure data and control cost without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned phones.


Advanced Management


The VSP helps IT quickly establish and maintain smartphone operations control with Advanced Management of all operating systems from a single point.  To proactively manage and help cut wireless bills, the VSP solution offers a Mobile Activity Intelligence package which is bundled in with the basic Mobile Device Management offer.  Bill shock can become a monthly ritual of the past.  The enterprise user is also fully able to manage their smartphone through the VSP’s self-governance and productivity portal, called MyPhone@Work, which offers services like usage visibility and an Enterprise App Store.


Creating a Virtual Enterprise Cloud


Phones have become computers and require a fundamentally new, data-driven approach to security, cost, and quality management. The VSP’s patent-pending smartphone data virtualization technology creates a central view of smartphone content, activity, and applications in the data center to give IT and end-users real-time intelligence and control across the enterprise.


Additional Info

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