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Accepted Solution

BlackBerry Torch - Screen Sensitivity

I have a new BlackberryTorch for Business.  I love it, however the screen touch to application "pop" is slower than I would like.  Can you set the screen sensitivity to a faster reaction time on the device?  If yes, can someone tell me how I can do this?

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Re: BlackBerry Torch - Screen Sensitivity

Thank you for your participating within the Business Forums Community. The issue you described appears to be caused by the sensitivity level of your screen. You can go into your options and either increase or decrease this setting for better results. For instructions on adjusting your screen, keyboard, and track pad please see the link below.


For more troubleshooting articles please see our Device Tutorials page. If you are still having trouble with your device visit our please feel free to reach out to our online business support team at, select your device type and look for the “Chat Now” link on the next page.