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Increase device memory by following these steps!

If you are experiencing the following symptoms; your device may be low on memory.


  • Automatically deleted call log
  • Automatically deleted SMS Text Message or e-mail


All RIM BlackBerry devices with handheld software version 4.2 or later utilize Low Memory Manager (LMM). Once the device memory reaches a threshold of 400kb or less, LMM will automatically remove data in order of importance to free up device memory. Once the device has reached full capacity, the device will not be able to store any new data such as SMS text, call log entries, email, etc.  This is a list of the items which may be deleted:


  • Low Priority: Delete attachment data, browser cache
  • Medium Priority: Delete old calendar entries
  • High Priority: Delete oldest e-mail messages


For further assistance with troubleshooting this issue please see the below ATT Answer Center link.


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