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ATT Upload Speed to Slow?


I am an ATT Uverse Subscriber. I pay $120 month for the MAX package bundle.

Our Download speed is 12mb. per second. Our Upload speed is 1.5mb. per second.


In today world Upload speed is just as important as Download speed.

With today's new services, applications, programs, and solutions such as

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, MSN Skydive, Google Docs and Cloud Storage, Apple Cloud, Amazon cloud, Cloud printing, Personal Home Cloud Storage Devices, Mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, Smart Phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc.

All of which need to access the internet and upload content, files, music, video, software, documents, etc.


ATT customers are all ready paying allot of money for the ATT internet access service. ATT has one of the slowest upload speeds out of many internet access providers.


When is ATT going to increase the upload speed for it customers?


I am already paying $46.67 for internet access.


when is ATT going to get with the times and increase there upload speed?


The only thing keeping ATT from increasing there upload speed to there customers is corporate greed!

ATT is trying to milk it customers in high speed internet access speed service.


Shame on you ATT!


                    Regards, A Very Unhappy Customer.