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Where is the new AT&T Navigator?

My co-worker just got a blackberry and it had a newer version of AT&T Navigator.  I went online and I found that you have to delete the old version to download the new version.  I deleted the old version from my blackberry but now can't find the the link to download the newer version.  Does anyone know where I can find the new version?

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Re: Where is the new AT&T Navigator?

AT&T Navigator can be easily downloaded using your Blackberry's browser by going to:


Visit our Answer Center at and search for "Install AT&T Navigator for the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000" (if your device was a Bold 9000 for instance) for step-by-step installation instructions.


If assistance is needed you can always reach out to our online business support team by going to, selecting your device, and then clicking “Chat Now” on the following page.