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Blocking your own number

As a business owner, there might come a time that you would like to block your phone number when calling customers or your employees.  Well, did you know that most smartphones already have this capability?  With most devices, you have the option to block your phone number from Caller IDs.

You can follow these easy steps from your smartphone to block your device:



Options > Call > Additional Settings > Caller ID > Hide number



Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > Switch to Off



Options > Call Management > In Call Settings > Restrict My Identity > Set to Always > Save


If these steps do not work for you particular device, you can also find more specific steps by selecting your device from the Phone & Device Learning Center.

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Re: Blocking your own number

I would not do that - block your number. I would view that suspicious activity which is common with spammers and robocallers - I have a device called CPR Callblock and it will NOT let those who block their number through.