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Can't send Text / SMS to TMobile customers

Using my Blackberry 8310, I can't send text messages to TMobile customers.  I chatted at length yesterday with a AT&T rep who did a bunch of great troubleshooting.  He confirmed that while with his test Tmobile phone he could receive texts from AT&T customers, he was not able to get a message from me.  My wife had TMobile which is how we discovered the problem.  My wife or the tech support rep can't even get replies to text messages sent from tmobile customers (I have no problem receiving texts).


So the support rep asked me to go to a store and get a new card.  Did that - no luck.  Chat support is closed today so posting here to see if anyone has any ideas or has experieced this before.  Based on the AT&T rep troubleshooting it seems isolated to my specific phone.

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Re: Can't send Text / SMS to TMobile customers

Hi sakendrick,


We understand you are having issues with sending SMS to TMobile customers and we appreciate your patience with this matter.  We would like to further assist you with this and in order to proceed we will need some account specific information.  We have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can provide us with your account information.

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Re: Can't send Text / SMS to TMobile customers

Hi biztech and sakendrick,


I am a T-mobile customer and cannot receive or send texts to certain people on AT&T.  The texts on my phone appear to be sent, and the text on his phone appear to be sent, but neither of us receive each others texts.  I've had this problem with other AT&T customers. 


Did you find a resolution?






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Re: Can't send Text / SMS to TMobile customers

I had similar issues and in my case I had to contact my carrier directly.

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