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Cannot send emails using my business account

In troubleshooting "connection timed out with <mail exchanger>" errors on my email server. I searched the various Internet blacklists for my static IP address range (a /30 class-C subnet with 4 static IPs). Low and behold, I found that the entire /10 Class-A subnet is blacklisted, meaning that the ~4.2M IPs in the range, including mine, cannot send email.


How do I get ATT to resolve this (blacklist entry was reported to APEWS in 9/2010)? I pay a premium for this small number of static IPs and it appears that some bad customers have ruined it for the rest of us. Please advise.

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Re: Cannot send emails using my business account

Hi mstanislawczyk,


Thank you for participating within the AT&T Business Community.  We will need some additional information to be able to better assist you with your emails.  We have sent you a Private Message with instructions on how to send us the required information.

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