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Help - Blackberry Email Settings Login

Hi guys,


I needs someones advice. I have been cursed with a blackberry for my business line. I have been using an iphone so it's been a while since I have logged into my blackberry email account, and I can't remember my login. I have gone to the blackberry start page and requested my password using my pin, but that doesn't come through. I thought that if I got my password, I might be able to figure out my login, or vice versa.


I can't even remember the stupid blackberry email format.


I love my iphone and I am feeling the pains of again {keep it courteous}and jumping through flaming rings of fire to get everything set up. I'm not even sure if I can call in cause it's my business line...


Any help at all as to the email format or why the password request using the pin isn't working would be beautiful.


Sorry about the ranting.


Much Love,


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Re: Help - Blackberry Email Settings Login

Thank you for posting your question on the Wireless Forums from AT&T.  We understand that not being able to access your email account can be frustrating but we are here to help you resolve your issue.


We have access to different troubleshooting systems that can find the username that is associated to a specific BlackBerry PIN and to reset the password.  You can reach out to our online business support team at  Select your device type and look for the “Chat Now” link on the following screen.  Any of our business support members will be more than happy to assist you in getting your BlackBerry email up and running.

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