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Job email + blackberry

Sorry if this has been asked already but i can't find the answer, but how do I get my email I get at my job (the email that I check in Outlook) on a blackberry what do I need to do to make this possible? Thanx

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Re: Job email + blackberry

There are three types of BlackBerry solutions that can be used to get your job email on a BlackBerry device:


  1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  2. BES Express
  3. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)


The BES and BES Express would be supported by your IT department.  To configure your work email to your BlackBerry device using either BES or BES Express, you will first have to confirm if your company is using one of these solutions.  If they are, then you will need an Enterprise Data plan on your mobile account and your IT department would then do a BES Activation.


If your job does not use either BES or BES Express, then you can configure your email using BIS.  You can find detailed instructions at


* BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Overview

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