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MMS to company e-mail problem

We are using Exchange 2010. When I send a picture text to my e-mail, the e-mail shows up but no attachments or pictures are there. This problem is only with AT&T. We have tried Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint and they all show up with an attachment or picture. The E-mail scanner reports all the messages are passed through. 


Our company uses AT&T and the employees on the field have MMS but no e-mail on their phones and sending pictures from MMS to e-mail is needed.  Switching phone service is the last thing we want to do but if this is not resolved we have no choice.

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Re: MMS to company e-mail problem

Hello darksands,


Thank you for participating within the AT&T Business Forums.  We would need further information to better assist you with your emails.  We have sent you a Private Message with further details on what information we would need.

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