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SMS-based task request and performance management system

I am looking to communicate with an ATT support person, programmers, or anyone else who might be able to discuss and/or get involved in an SMS application development project.  Here is the crux of what I want the system to do:


  • A caller  texts a system with a message to request the initiation of some physical task (e.g. meet to deliver some product)
  • The system distributes the request, via text message, to a pool of users who can potentially deliver the product.
  • Each user has the ability to physically meet with the task requester, perform the task, and send a text message to the system indicating completion of the task.
  • After task completion, the original task requester sends a text message to the system acknowledging that the task has indeed been accomplished, and the system records the transaction.

What is needed for such a system?  What kind of phone company account?  An account with multiple companies?  Imagine that the traffic is small at first (perhaps 100 text messages per day) but could potentially grow to 10’s of thousands of text messages per day.


The question is, to whom should I speak with first about this?  How might I go about refining the specs to ultimately contract programmer support to help develop the system?


Any guidance would be appreciated.




Jim P.

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Re: SMS-based task request and performance management system

I think you are talking about iTXT Enterprise Messaging Service.  They posted a thread about that feature back in April.  You can find that posting at:


You can also talk to someone directly to get more info.  When I needed to talk to AT&T about my business, I used the below link to get someone to contact me directly.


And then click on “Request contact from B2B sales”. 

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Re: SMS-based task request and performance management system

Re: SMS-based task request and performance management system

Enterprise Paging is a group notification and messaging gateway that enables enhanced wireless notification and response features needed for actionable routine business messages.

Today, millions of notifications are sent each month via the AT&T Enterprise Paging gateway, and customers use Enterprise Paging for a wide range of applications, including computer aided dispatch (CAD), workforce management, and field service automation (FSA).

Enterprise Paging works by allowing a company to connect to the AT&T text messaging network and send group notifications using an AT&T-hosted Web site at or by using a company’s own notification application via one of four protocols: SMTP, SNPP, WCTP, or TAP.

To learn more about Enterprise Paging, visit the AT&T Business Center, view Frequently Asked Questions about the product or contact an AT&T Business Solutions Expert.

Existing AT&T business customers can visit Premier to add Enterprise Paging to any wireless AT&T number. You can reach out to your existing AT&T Sales representative and I am sure they will be more than happy to assist you with these requests.

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