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Bad service for a business customer

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I called earlier this week to make changes to my phone service.  Tourist business (weekends and holidays are workdays for us!)  Also need to know that we have two ATT phone bills to the same address.  Bill #1 has 3 lines with an 800 number linked to the first line.  Bill #2 has only one line.  Change was to move line 3 from bill #1 to bill #2 and reassign 800 number from line one to line 3 that was being moved.  No physical location changes.  Number would continue ringing at same desks/phones.  I was told there would be little to no interruption in service (which is critical to me).  Line was scheduled to be moved on Friday December 30, 2011.  When I got to work that morning at 8:00am line 3 was disconnected with disconnected message being played when you called it (not temporarily disconnected..Disconnected).  Waited until approx. 9:30 am and called ATT.  Rep researched and said number would be back up no later than 5:00 pm but the 800 number would take at least 24 hours and because of New Years holiday would not have a shot until 2 January.  She suggested canceling the order and resked for 2 or 3 Jan.  (my 800 was still working at this time)  . I agreed.  She said to give it 45 minutes and if it did  not come back online to call back and further check into it.  I called back around 1:00pm and was told everything was in place and not to worry it would be up by 5:00 pm.  A short time after 5 pm line is still not up and now my 800 number is giving the message that the number has been disconnected.  Followup call sent me to a nice guy that was getting help for me, lost him got message from repair line.  Waited for rep to tell me workorder is in the system an to follow the progress on  There is no progress and I doubt very much that anyone is really working on this until Tuesday.  All reps on the phone were very nice, none could I call competent.  All asked to be rated highly if anyone called.  Last repair rep had her twist, when asked to rate, don't rate based on the company but on her service to me on the phone.  I think this clearly shows the disconnect in what ATT considers customer service.  It even shows that your people answering the phone see the disconnect as well.


/rant over/   Don't really expect anyone at ATT to care or attempt to explain.  I will weather out an incredible loss of business during a very busy weekend.  I expect you will get my phones back on after the crowds leave.


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Re: Bad service for a business customer

Switch to verizon if you can; im assuming this is landline service. As a business customer myself we have a verizon business landline; costs us pennies and when we had trouble they sent a guy right out and didn't even charge us (we have no support contract). They knew the problem was on their end and being a business client they sent someone right away and he even had to wait like 45 minutes for one of us to arrive at the office since he came out unexpected.


We have at&t cell service and I can tell you; the customer reps are friendly but they have no ability to resolve issues. If your problem can't be resolved with them talking to you your up a creek.


Hopefully you have an alternative because at&t does not care.

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