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Registered: ‎03-23-2012

at&t wireless order

So heres one for the mods to message me about if they are able to do anything with at&t.


I would call but all I get is the outsourced at&t people in guatamala that seem very helpful for the first 20 minutes of the conversation but after that you get put on hold and then finally disconnected.


I would like to buy a static ip (ip2gold or whatever) that has a functional reverse dns entry. I purchased one before that had broken reverse dns and that does me absolutely no good.


After getting a static ip that resolves correctly I would like to upgrade our account to a tethering package so I can hook up my laptop.


Sounds easy enough im sure. Well to someone that's never called at&T wireless for it yeah. Try calling them and asking them.


You'll get no where, as I did; put on hold and then finally disconnected.


Think you can make it happen? You can message me on this one.

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