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Windows Mobile Replacement disc?

I am trying to update my Samsung Jack from Winmo 6.1 to the new 6.5 to fix the texting glitch, but I can't find my 6.1 disc.  Is there somewhere I can get a replacement?  Or a way to upgrade without using one?  I only have mac computers and have to use a friends computer to upgrade, since I can't run any windows emulators on this computer. 


Thanks a million!

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Re: Windows Mobile Replacement disc?

Thank you for your participation within the Business Community Forums, depending on what version of Windows your friend has on their computer you will need to configure either the Mobile Device Center (if using Windows Vista or 7) or ActiveSync 4.5. If you do not have ActiveSync installed it is available for download. For full instructions on updating your devices software or downloading ActiveSync please see the links below:

If you have difficulties updating the device you will need to reach out to Samsung customer support for assistance. For Samsungs contact information please see the link below: