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Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 9:33 PM

AT&T Mexico abysmal customer service - always giving us the run-around - refuse to acknowledge that a contract has expired

I need a simple, straightforward solution for the continued harassment I am receiving from Mexico AT&T business customer "service".  How can a contract signed 7 years ago, that expired after 2 years, still be valid??  Why can't AT&T send me any proof of this??  Why does AT&T continue to invoice me for 2 lines that I HAVE CANCELLED??  

We are no longer in Mexico, and have no plans to return.  We have not used our Mexican numbers since end of October, 2023.  There has been zero activity on these numbers.  The Mexican corporation that our accounts are under is dormant, and there will no longer be any business associated with it.

Do NOT refer me back to AT&T Mexico.  They continue to either reject my emails, or give me "options" like returning to Mexico to deal with this, or give power of attorney to someone there to handle this for us.  For a 300 peso/month account???

Is this the way AT&T treats all its former clients?   Do you always continue to bill them forever for a service that they don't use anymore for the rest of their lives?  Do you always threaten them with collection agencies when they refuse to pay for a service they repeatedly say they no longer want?  Incredibly disappointing.

2 Messages

3 months ago

I've been waiting a week now for any kind of response from AT&T...  Sad that this is the level of "customer service" that you offer.  I am looking for help to resolve my issue.

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