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Mon, Dec 20, 2021 8:01 PM

Broken Contract with ATT

Has anybody ever experienced ATT contracts be broken by ATT?  Every year we have to buy something to get our contract pricing. This I do not understand. We have been an ATT customer since 2013. That should be loyalty enough. Last year we contracted with ATT to keep our contract pricing by installing a Directv satellite. We were charged the contract pricing for the first 2 months after that our ATT account was taken off of contract and they started charging us month to month. I call and get it corrected. Three months later the same thing. Next three months the same thing except this time ATT rep said they fixed it and we still got billed month to month after that. This literally happens every time I go on contract with them. If there was another phone company I would definitely change. The people at ATT don't know what they are doing. 



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