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Sun, Jan 27, 2013 5:37 PM

I need contact info for capable Business UVerse HSI presales questions re: contract & technology

I'm considering Business-class UVerse HighSpeedInternet service only -- no upsell to/of phone, TV, wireless.


I have contract & technical presales questions.


I need to speak to a relevant & competent human being -- someone who specifically deals with Business accounts, and either has, or can get, answers to my technical questions.


After 3-weeks I've gotten nothing but runaround and astonishing lack of technical awareness, let alone competence.  And, unfulfilled promises that "we'll have somone call you in the next 3 business days" ...


I need a DIRECT phone # or email -- not yet another Gordian knot of a voice tree @ the wrong department.


I'm in Foster City, CA, zip code 94404.



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8 years ago

Your "Private Messaage" begins ...


"Thank you for your recent posting.  We appreciate your participation within the Business Forums Community. In order for us to research your question we would need account specific information.  Please email the information listed below to {edited}. ..."


You're asking ME for Account specific information?  Seriously?


"I'm considering" & "presales" weren't obvious?


I do not have an account ... and I've asked YOU for contact information.


Former Employee


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8 years ago

Hi rb1111,

We will be happy to assist. We have sent you a Private Message with instructions on how to send us your contact information.

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