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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 3:47 PM

Indirect Mobility Offer - Apple Store Employee

I have been working for apple for long tome and I have been getting IMO in my 2 lines. O have been enjoying the 53 % discount but out of the blue I have more discount I after I increase my data plan from my old 16 to a new 20gig data plan My phone bill now is $189 dollars from $63 can some on help? I have never experience so much frustration in my entire life trying to contact any one about this phenomenon. I had been on the IMO portal sending for the las 4 months question email in their portal to an email that I can not see and no one cares. No answers to any attempts to reach some one that can help. I had called HR One stop at ATT and no one i really mean no one has heard if IMO no idea what that is.

Does any one has experience all this massive frustration ? for I can read in this forums there are many but many apple employees just like me extremely frustrated with the process of getting enroll on IMO and the no existed support form ATT I am seriously considering switching to another carrier for a better customer support o care.

Does any one have any idea what is going on with Indirect Mobility Offer for  Apple Store Employee?

Any idea? any help ?

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