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Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 5:09 AM

Returned upgrade but still charged

I returned an upgrade within the 30-day period period I went to the store The United States post office and I returned the phone. I have the receipt and I have a video of myself returning the phone for proof because of all of the horror stories I hear about AT&T not receiving devices. AT&T received the phone in Texas on January 29th 2024. It is March 1st and after 13 customer service reps in the business loyalty department and for online chats that they claim they put a order number to fix it it's still not fixed. Now you guys are about to turn off the phone because of the past due balance of $1,700 which was the accelerated installment of the fold 5 .so basically the phone is going to be suspended I'm not going to be able to use it because I'm not going to pay $1,700 for a phone that I return and clearly if you look on the United States Post office website you guys received it January 29th under the 30-day return policy for business. I don't like the fact that you guys outsourced your customer service to the Philippines and they don't understand what I'm talking about and they are not notating the account properly. I had to explain myself 13 times to 13 different reps and all 13 reps did not notate the account properly. I literally have three case numbers and I literally had to tell them the tracking number four times.

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3 months ago

I am having a very similar issue and still no response for a resolution. Good luck to you.

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