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Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 10:37 AM

Suspended lines canceled lines new lines and large unknown amounts

I upgrade to note 20 ultra I added next up for $5.00 a month. July I did the next up and was sent my S23Ultra I was also sent some work type phone. I transfered from note 20 ultra to S23ultra I talked to the representative who sent me the phone I told him that I donot want that "FREE" phone so he told me just return it so I sent it in when I returned my note 20ultra. Now I get 800.00 bill credit for the return of my note 20 ultra. I am interested in 2 watches and so I email the guy about billing and these 2 watches for over 2 weeks so I just call in and here we go. There are several years of who even knows the amount in over charges that we have paid.. someone had assigned every line on our account to it's own group there was at least 6 months when our bill was 1200 to 2100 we have 7 to 9 lines. Well this guy that stopped assisting me did get the group thing taken care of before the communication stopped. The new guy looks more into the mess that our account is in and he of course says the other guy did fix a few things but there was numbers that was no longer used but there was also numbers that was needed but not used so we are now being charged for a device that was returned in August that has zero usage and every person i have talked to sees that. Then we are also charged for the note 20 ultra device that was returned and I'm receiving a credit on but yet the credit plus some  covers the note20 ultra I have called for 3 months now  about the 531.33 over charged on my account I am told they will send it to manager and I will hear back from them in 3 months 6 people will get in touch with me but yet zero have my last call was at least hour call then comes the ok let me put you on hold again and get some information Sure I say then. .. click disconnected and you know that representative called me back like the other 6

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