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Thursday, March 14th, 2024 10:00 PM

Termination of 3 Year AT&T Dedicated Internet & Voice Bundle Agreement for Breach( Illinois)

In August of 2023 our company signed a 3 yr Internet & Voice bundle contract. Every month for the past 7 months the monthly bill has been $400-500 more that the agreed upon monthly cost.  AT&T agreed and has made promises to correct the bill for the past 5 months.  About  2 months ago AT&T refunded by check a portion of the overpayments and again promised to fix the bill . As of March 1st 2024 the monthly bill has not been corrected.  In addition during the past 6 months we have reached out to AT&T including our account manager and numerous others who initially were responsive but not it takes threats to get a return call .  This has caused a considerable amount of financial stress , anxiety and of course time on a monthly basis to deal with this.  

We want to terminate our contract based on material breach of contract.  Even if the bill is corrected we want out of the contract. AT&T had more than ample time to correct the issue. They said we should be receiving another check to cover the over charges in the next week or two.

Regardless we want out.  Our new account manager says the contract is in force and valid.  

What are our next steps to exit this contract for what we believe is material breach

We had hoped this could be done amicably and AT&T after causing us this much time & distress for the past 6 months would agree to let us out of our contract but apparently that does not appear to be the case.

Please advise what we can do next to void this agreement.

Thank you

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