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Sat, Jul 16, 2011 10:58 PM

Unable to access billing history



I received a call a month ago from a number I do not recognize. Recently I have realized I need this number, but since then my phone's calling history has purged the number.


-I went to Google and searched of a method to retrieve my calling history. I was told to log into myATT to access the billing history complete with all texts and ingoing and outgoing phone calls.


I have not yet registered to myATT. I attempt to register.


I am given the following error:




R323: Online account management for Business Accounts is available via Premier. Please click here to register. 



I do not have a problem with this error. I am using a company provided phone.


I follow the link and I am presented with the Premier website.


I attempt to register on the Premier website.


I am given the following error.




No employee group was found for the account number entered. Please contact your administrator for assistance.



Now I am confused. I just want to access my calling history. I am trying to register with myATT but cannot as I am using a company phone. Now I cannot register on the Premier website?


I contacted myATT customer support. I was told they do not have the tools necessary to help me because I must use the Premier site. They redirected me there to the support page.


To use Premier support, I must log in.


I cannot log in.


I called customer support.


I was put on hold for 40 minutes.


When a higher level representative spoke to me, I was told that they would investigate the issue and within 2 hours e-mail me a link to activate my account.


It has been 24 hours.


I spent 45 minutes on a business line contacting support.


Nothing has been done and the same error persists.


All I want to do is view my calling history. This is a simple request from a paying customer.


Calling customer support will do nothing, as they are unfit to do what they are paid to do.


I am requesting help from these forums because this very simple request is going unanswered.



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9 years ago

Hello MTheriot,


Thank you for participating within the AT&T Business Community.  We understand you are having issues with registering for Premier and we would like to assist you.  We have sent you a Private Message to gather some additional information in order to help you.



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9 years ago

Hi. Not good enough.


I read my inbox and e-mailed with the information required. I received a responding e-mail telling me they would attempt to resolve it.


I e-mailed the person back and thanked them for assisting.


I was immediately given an automatic e-mail saying they would try to respond within 24-48 hours.


It has been over 48 hours and I have not received another e-mail.


This is absolute garbage. First I'm stuck with myATT customer support which cannot help me.


Then I am redirected to Premier Customer Support which only works if you are LOGGED IN.


Then I am redirected to call Premier Customer Support who after 45 MINUTES ON A BUSINESS LINE I am told they would e-mail me within 48 hours to resolve the issue.


AFTER 48 HOURS with no e-mail and the problem persisting, I am forced to seek help HERE.


After ANOTHER 48 HOURS waiting because customer support here is NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS, I am given a private message and told to e-mail someone the information.


AFTER BEING TOLD TO WAIT 48 HOURS, I have received absolutely no response on the situation.


Garbage. Absolute trash. You are paid to give customer support. I am a customer. Someone needs to support me. This process has gone over a week and it is absolute trash that a multi-billion dollar company takes a week to come up with absolutely no solution to a customer's problem.


I want to view my calling history. That's it. I am trying to find a number that called me last month.


I want to speak to someone in a higher position who might actually help me, instead of being juggled around by garbage customer support who couldn't help a man dial 911.


Very unsatisfied with this "customer support" you people call it. I don't know what kind of sweet deal you guys got where you can sit around doing nothing all day and being paid, but someone here needs to step up to the plate and do their job.


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9 years ago

Hi MTheriot,


We understand your frustration and we apologize that you have not been contacted yet by our technical team.  We will reach out to them immediately and get an update for you and escalate if necessary.  Once we have contacted our technical team, we will respond to the email that you sent us last night with the status of your Premier login.

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