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Monday, February 5th, 2024 1:19 AM

Unable to get ahold of account rep

Hello, I've been trying to contact my account rep with very lackluster/no response for almost a month now. We are new customers and got Fiber when it came to our neighborhood and decided that while the fiber was being installed we would also switch our phones from our previous provider of 20 years to AT&T. 

A rep came in to check and see how the fiber install was going and we decided to ask about phones and signed up right there. We paid for the phones on December 28th (which was expected), but then got charged another almost $250 on January 4th. I sent an email on Jan 10th 2024 inquiring about the charge, a follow up email 10 days later on Jan 25th, got a response on Jan 26th, responded on the 28th, and now it has been 7 days and I have not heard anything or gotten a phone call/message. 

We left our previous provider after hearing about the great service from AT&T and the great discounts, but our customer service experience has been very lackluster. We are new customers for both internet and phones as of the last week of 2023.

I'm more than happy to forward the emails if it would help or take a phone call. Any assistance would be nice, please. 

Thank you.

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3 months ago

The original post was Sunday, February 4th, 2024. After posting my rep reached out via text message on Monday, February 5th, 2024 and we were able to resolve the issue fairly quickly. He offered an explanation of the first few charges and how they all added up. The confusion was on my end, something I was fairly certain of, but needed someone to walk me through it. 

Total time from start to resolution: 1 month


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