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Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 8:40 PM

Anira VPN Error Message

Does anyone have any information on this error message which appear immediately after launching VPN.

This program cannot be started because it is running on the Windows logon desktop and is not connected to the network.

Pres Ctrl+AL+Del to switch to the Windows logon desktop then close the program or connect to the network?



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4 years ago

Hello @catman2214,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. For further assistance.


Customers experiencing connectivity or password related issues can engage via Business Direct or
800-727-2222 option 3 then 1


For links to AGNC Admin and User guides see



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Thanks I already have a ticket open but thought I would reach out to the community. Sometimes AT&T support takes time.

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