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Thu, Feb 21, 2019 7:38 PM

Internet access is very slow when connected to VPN



My internet is slow when connected to the VPN. 

I am running V9.9.1.222 on Windows 10. 


I have two systems.

One system is a laptop that does not have this problem. 

One system is a Workstation that has the problem. 

- Before connecting to VPN I run a Broadband speed test. Download speed is ~300Mbps.

- I connect to the VPN and run a Broadband speed test. Download speed is ~10Mbps.


I looked at network setting and routes and see no difference between the working and non-working systems. 




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2 Messages

a year ago

I fixed my own problem. 

I uninstalled the VPN client, removing settings from all users, reinstalled and now Internet speed is good. 

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