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Wed, May 20, 2020 12:06 PM

New Residential Home Construction

I am having a new home built on 6 acres in Vero Beach, FL. We are installing our own buried power and water line. I have been trying to contact ATT engineering/construction to no avail.

Can you point me in the right direction. Florida Power and light, and the local water authority have welcomed us with open arms, and are furnishing us with supplies. They are amazing. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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8 months ago

Hello @tommyfdny,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. We will be glad to help with your request. Please send an email to with the following details and in the subject line, please reference the Case #7586820. Please include the following details within the email.



Contact Name:

Contact  Number:
Email Address:

Business Name:

Complete Address for Project:

Size/Scope and Units:




AT&T Business Forum Support.



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8 months ago

Just wanted to share a: The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction

Use and Functionality

Commercial construction is often used by businesses and includes projects such as offices, industrial facilities, and other business establishments. Residential construction is more on projects that people can live in. Commercial construction usually comes from business owners or companies while residential construction is undertaken by property owners or tenants.

Another aspect that shows the difference between commercial and residential construction is the functionality of a building. Residential projects have limited functionality for domestic uses while commercial projects are more extensive.

Commercial construction includes shops, warehouses, factories, clinical laboratories, theaters, sports venues, hospitals, local office buildings and much more. Greater need for specific services for commercial projects are also required such as fire protection equipment, lifts and escalators, security, data and server rooms, lighting and HVAC, and access controls.

Another aspect that shows the difference between commercial and residential construction is the functionality of the building. While residential projects will have limited functionality purposefully for domestic uses, the functionality of commercial premises can be extensive.

Commercial construction may include shops, warehouses, factories, clinical laboratories, hospitals, theatres, sports venues, local authority buildings and much more. With the increased functionality, there’ll be a greater need for specific services such as the installation of fire protection equipment, escalators and lifts, security, access control, data and server rooms, lighting and HVAC.

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2 months ago

Residential epoxy Flooring ideas will always be my happy place. The designs, durability and price will be one that pulls you to a particular material. I highly appreciate the content presented above

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