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Monday, March 14th, 2022 8:05 PM

Meet EVA - Providing real-time status updates for maintenance tickets

Did you know you can find answer to many of your questions with no wait or phone call? Do you have a question about a ticket? Curious when your technician will arrive?  Meet EVA - a chatbot technology designed to provide real-time status updates for maintenance tickets opened with AT&T Business Services. 


While chatting, EVA is working behind the scenes to gather details on:

  •           Latest incident status
  •          Analytics for repair time estimates
  •          Dispatch status of technician’s current location and estimated time of arrival
  •          Outage details & if it’s part of a major incident or fiber cut
  •          Outstanding authorization or validation requests, and more.


What if EVA can’t answer my question? EVA will provide links to applicable Knowledge Base articles or offer transfer to chat live with an agent, along with the transcript & chat details.


To meet EVA, access your ticket 24x7 via AT&T Business Center, AT&T BusinessDirect® or AT&T Express Ticketing portals then click the Chat Bubble.


Questions or feedback? Get in touch with us below.



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