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Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 12:27 AM

phone tree suggestions

OK.  I need some suggestions.  I have a small tow business.  It has a main number that is printed everywhere - truck, paperwork, cards, advertising, etc.  I have a personal cell number as do my three employees who live in three different towns.  I'm thinking of getting a satellite phone next year.  The sat phone is tricky.  I need it when i'm out of cell range (often the case here in rural america) but it's a catch 22.  I only need it when i'm out of the cell area, but don't want it to be my primary number (explained above) and for cost reasons.  dang those sat phones are expensive to operate!   i'm looking for some ideas on how to manage the calls.  "push 1 for tows in small town x, push 2 for tows in small town 2, push 3 for the storage yard to release your vehicle, etc."  and then there's that sat phone dilemma.  thanks in advance.  robert

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