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Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 11:19 PM

First net is TERRIBLE. Would not recommend

I joined first net about 3-4 months ago and ever since I joined I had problems. First they weren’t excepting my police id and badge, then spent HOURS in the store either doing that or fighting about my bills that were between 300-800$ yes that’s right and I am on my own plan. Every month I had to fight with them and they had ME calling AT&T or first net or whoever. And first net it takes at least 45mins to get ahold of someone. I refused to pay a bill that was 450$ and went to AT&T to resolve it well the manager there blew me off completely because I finally had enough and got (Edited per community guidelines)ty with them. Well they shut my phone off and me being LE I have to have a phone so I paid the money and have made claims and they keep saying it’s going through the works now but haven’t seen a dime reinbursed. I still owe on my phone and I am not allowed to just pay the phone off and leave the company. But absolutely horrible experience with first net and as soon as I pay this phone off I am done with AT&T and first net. NEVER AGAIN

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