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Saturday, October 8th, 2022 1:33 PM

Fiber Construction

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me find out how to get AT&T Fiber to my home. I know they have fiber lines on telephone poles less than 2k feet north of me but I have no idea who I could talk to about getting them to extend service to me. There are approximately 30 homes in between me and where the fiber connection ends.

Recently I saw AT&T (subcontractors maybe?) running fiber optic cable in my ditch. I know it was AT&T because of the new white/orange poles sticking out of the ground with AT&T written on them. I'm just curious if that's residential fiber or not. If it is then would it be possible to have a timeline of when I could receive services?

If it's not residential then could I get an estimate on having construction run fiber to my home? Like I stated earlier it's roughly ~2k feet of cable that would need to be run, either on telephone poles or underground. It would be straight shot to my home. My zipcode is in 35613.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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1 year ago

Hi @iNorman,
We want to help. Let’s meet in a Direct Message on this. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it’s the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the forums).

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