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Saturday, January 13th, 2024 6:01 PM

unblock our IP address

I wrote to your yesterday, but did not receive any response so I am writing here as well.

I run a CRM for the non-profit which sends mailings to its opted-in membership list. They send mailings 2-4 time per week to their broad membership. Every email sent also has the option for the member to opt-out. We have been sending these emails for many years to your subscribers, without a problem.  A short while ago, we changed our main dedicated IP address, so I am not sure if this is why our 6 week old IP address,, has been blocked. Our Senderscore before sending our last email, which you blocked over 850 emails, was 99 and we are not on any major blacklists.

I respectfully request that you unblock our IP address.

Thank you

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4 months ago

Pushing to the top again

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