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Monday, June 30th, 2014 11:46 AM

Community How-to: Comment on an existing Blog Post

Commenting on an Existing Blog Post in the Advanced Solutions Care Forum

NOTE: This example uses Internet Explorer. Your experience may vary if you are using a different browser. A blog is an online journal written by one or more authors.

1.    Click Sign In.


Comment on Existing Blog 1.jpg

2.    Click in the box to the right of “Login name”, and enter your login.


Comment on Existing Blog 2.jpg

3.    Click in the field to the right of “Password”, and enter your password.


Comment on Existing Blog 3.jpg

4.    Click Sign In.


Comment on Existing Blog 4.jpg

5.    Click ASC Blog.


Comment on Existing Blog 5.jpg

6.    Find a blog post you would like to comment on, and click Post a Comment.


Comment on Existing Blog 6.jpg

7.    Click in the box below “Post a Comment”, and enter your comment.


Comment on Existing Blog 7.jpg

8.    Click Post Your Comment.

       NOTE: Blogs do not display new comments until the blog author or a moderator approves them.


Comment on Existing Blog 8.jpg

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