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Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 11:04 PM

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Class Picking Guide

A lot of things change between Classic Vanilla and TBC. No longer are warriors the kings of the damage meter. No longer are mages the dominant WOW Classic Gold farmers, and no longer are more than half the talent trees a meme. The Burning Crusade brings a lot of changes to all the classes and this guide will mostly focus on the changes going from Classic to TBC – so if you didn’t play Classic and want an overview of the base classes we recommend you read this guide.


One class that is certainly looking forward to WoW Classic TBC is Druid. Druid players have massively expanded options in TBC that let them contend in PVE and PVP environments, with an extra emphasis on PVP success.

TBC pushes Balance druids forward by improving the Moonkin experience from the OOMkin woes of Vanilla WoW. Feral (cat) druids also get some extra power in their bleeds (and no debuff cap to hold these back), and are dangerous Arena competitors. Feral (bear) druids are as successful as ever, despite some new tanking competition. And finally, Resto druids are kings in the TBC Arena, and get a huge boost in PVE with the 1 heal over time spell limit removed in the expansion, meaning multiple Rejuvenations can stack.

Overall, balance druid is a solid option for raids. Usually, you can see about 2 slots in a 25 raid group. Feral druid is also a solid spec, usually, there is one slot for feral druid in every raid group. Guardian is one of the strongest tanks in TBC. However, in TBC all tanks are well balanced. Restoration druid is a king of PvP healing and he is also pretty strong in raid and group healing.


Another class that struggles in Vanilla WoW but gets a big glow up in WoW Classic TBC is the Hunter. In Classic TBC, Hunter will be the most dangerous DPS in PVE next to Warlocks, and in a much more simple way. Beast Mastery Hunters absolutely take over in The Burning Crusade, being able to fit their whole rotation into one button thanks to a simple macro. While other specs are still playable, BM will reign supreme every time. Hunters also bring some important utility spells to PVP in the Arena, and no longer have to worry about the dead zone, which is removed in TBC. So, BM Hunter is a really strong DPS spec. MM Hunter is a really hiche spec, not a lot of players can perform good dps with this spec. Surv Hunter is a solid spec. Also, some people find it much more interesting than any other Hunter spec.


The mage is a suitable choice for a class that you can easily farm world of warcraft classic gold off of. This class is considered to be broken (in a good way) thanks to their AoE spells. Mages can kill mobs in a matter of seconds, making them perfect classes to annihilate enemies lurking in the wild. Besides being a great class for earning gold, they’re very easy to level up! Just go to one or two dungeons and you’ll be done in a matter of minutes, with loot in tow. This spellcaster is perfect if you’re only looking for a class to just farm gold with.


The Paladin was designed to be the king of support classes and in that, they succeeded in Classic. Paladins bring excellent support to any group they are in with their blessings and auras and powerful cooldowns. However, Holy paladin was the only choice for the really serious players as Retribution and Protection simply doesn’t come close to competing with the other classes in the game.


Priests wield the powers of light and shadow to either heal their allies or incinerate their enemies. Priests were the kings of healing in Classic and not much changes in that regard in The Burning Crusade. Priests are by far the most versatile healer in the game with a huge array of different healing and support abilities that allow them to be effective single-target healers and raid healers. They are also top-tier healers in Arena in compositions such as Discipline Priest & Rogue in 2-versus-2, or the aforementioned RMP (rogue, mage, priest) in 3v3’s.

Shadow Priests see the biggest power spike out of any of the priest specializations. Not only are they viable in TBC, but they are also highly sought after due to their new Vampiric Touch talent that helps sustain the mana of their entire party.


Just as The Horde receive the Paladin class through blood elves, The Alliance can now play Shamans through the new Draenei race – which is a godsent seeing as Shamans become arguably the most highly sought after class in PvE content in The Burning Crusade. Their huge array of supportive totems and exceptional healing output makes them a must-have in any raid. As if that wasn’t enough they also receive the strongest party-wide cooldown in the game with Bloodlust(Horde) and Heroism(Alliance) that greatly increase the cast-and-attack speed of their entire party.


Warlocks are powerful spellcasters that study the forbidden arts of dark magic, to summon demons and unleash painful spells and curses upon their foes. Their ability to summon demonic companions and sustain themselves through spells and healthstones makes them an excellent solo class and very fast levelers.

Warlocks in Classic are obnoxiously strong in PvP due to their survivability and control, and that does not change in TBC. In fact, you could argue they become stronger than ever and you will find them at the top of any TBC arena class tier list alongside Rogues.

But PvE is where the Warlock sees the biggest change going from Classic to TBC. They go from being decent ranged spellcasters in Classic to absolute atomic bombs of destructive death in TBC. If the hunter in your group is not at the top of the damage meters you will likely find a Warlock at the number one spot. Warlocks got Soul Split to fix their biggest issue in Classic; no threat mitigation. While also getting a major overall buff to their damage which results in them becoming an S-tier damage dealer and a good choice if you love to see yourself at the top of the meters.

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