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Thu, Dec 28, 2017 9:48 PM

1080 telephone voicemail greetings


I have as AT&T 1080 (and an AT&T 1070) phone.  I have read the owner's manual and specifically the sections regarding Auto Attendant and Answering and can't seem to find the answer.  I would like for my 1080 to record different outgoing greeting messages for each phone line.  For example, if someone calls on line 1, I would like them to hear "Thank you for calling ABC Company....", but if they dial the phone number assigned to line 2, they would hear "Thank you for calling XYZ Company".  In other words, I don't want to use the Auto Attendant to route the call to a mailbox since I don't want to list both companies on the initial AA greeting. 


Is there any way to do this?  Thanks.



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3 years ago

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