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Tue, Jan 31, 2017 9:44 PM

Sim not provisioned mm #2

I got my phone January 14th of this year, so it hasnt even been a month since I've had it. Just about an hour ago I tried to send a message and it popped up and said SIM not provisioned MM #2. So I restarted my phone first and that didnt work, so I shut it off and took out the battery and the sim card for a minute and put it back in that didnt work either. So I tried to call the customer support number thats in it, wouldnt let me call. So then I tried calling 611. It popped up saying that I need to turn on WiFi calling to complete the call because it couldnt with my normal service so I went and tried to do that and it gave me an error message. I know that my WiFi is working because I can still use the internet on my phone. So I get on the AT&T site and try to do something on there and it said that I needed to log in to my account. So I tried to log in and it said it couldnt find any account with my information. I didnt know if I needed to make an account just for online or if it was the same one I used whenever I first got my phone so I tried to go and create an account and it gave me the same message. My husband isnt home for me to use his phone to call, and I cant even call him to tell him that I need him to come home.



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4 years ago

Hello @taylor_23,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. In order for me to research your issue, I will need to verify some information. Please send me a private message:

And include the following details:
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Wireless number:
Alternate number to call you on to troubleshoot:
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Thank you,

Laura G.
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