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Sat, Oct 17, 2020 3:11 PM

Who can I ask about painting personalized Christmas ornaments for my at&t friends ?

I would like to paint Christmas ornaments for my husband and his buddies at the work center. I wanted to use a globe ornament of some kind and make it look like the 3D version of the logo at&t uses. Personalized them etc. (putting things like name, year, a tech number on it or essential worker). my husband, who has worked for your company for 20 years, has nothing supporting his love for his workplace and I think this supports him. Something simple like this can help encourage and build positivity in the workplace. I also have some ideas about how I would live to see art pertrayed to the mass public. Your company can use a new perspective in the commercial department. I have never seen an at&t commercial portray a side of the company that a shows the consumers how the all the services they enjoy using actually get there. Nobody but att employees and their families understand the and complete dedication that is required to make sure each individual company and each individual family is taken care of and given service. I don’t think the general public has a clue to what the technicians go through everyday to make sure they can use all the services that at&t provide them. People need a very big reality check as to what a Day looks like in the life of a repair tech, managers, installation techs, fiber and splicer technicians. (The weather, the particular hard to reach customer located in a difficult area to service, the construction crews, cities, and police crews that all have to be ina site when roadways must be shut down to run wires across a road, safety hazards opening rural boxes filled with bees, or a snake surprise and the occasional overprictive dog that shows up at your back while sitting at a box. Customers don’t know the things that techs go through to make sure they stay connected! Commercials like this would open eyes! Would shock and change many attitudes. We want to work with Customers not disappoint them. You can even do a whole series of customers who wanted to leave service with at&t because of complications fixing their connection problems but because of tech so and so who was skilled and didn’t give up , got the job done and up and running..... like I said my husband, whom I call a super tech, is the employee but as his wife I am so proud of what he does and wish we could share that passion for service with the world! Thank you for your time.


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