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Friday, March 22nd, 2024 4:25 PM

Voicemail Portal will not forward voicemails to my email

Voicemails from ATT's Business Voicemail Portal (the Inbox you’re directed to when you click on “check or manage voicemail”) will not reliably forward voicemail messages to my email. The voicemails are not going to spam, my email is submitted correctly, and I have tried alternative browsers. ATT's system will tell me "Your message will be forwarded to the following email address," and nothing will come through. It's not a matter of just waiting, either.


To track whether the messages are going out from the voicemail portal, I elected to keep a copy in the “sent items” folder. ATT’s voicemail portal says the voicemails are going out, but I never receive anything. After several days, I get a “system message” in the portal that notifies me there was a delivery failure. The “system messages” provide no other information beyond that.


I would like to work with someone on troubleshooting to find an answer. Our office needs to keep digital records of the voicemails that come through. This issue has been ongoing since January.



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3 months ago

Hello @DDI43, we understand your concern about voicemail and are here to help.

We recommend you follow the below steps to forward messages via Voice Mail:

1. Sign in to your online myAT&T account.

2. Select Home Phone from the top navigation bar, then select Check Voice Mail

3. A list of your new and saved messages will be displayed in the Voice Messages tab. 

4. Listen to messages, and save or delete them.

5. You can also forward messages via Voice Mail: Simply check the message you wish to forward. Under More Actions, select Forward via Voice Mail.

First, you can check your voicemail message and learn how to manage by visiting the below link.

Next, you can learn how to Troubleshoot your voicemail by visiting the below link.

Also, could you please confirm if it is a business account that you are referring to?

We want to ensure the problem is resolved, and that is our top priority, we are here to help until we do so.

Thank you for contacting AT&T Community Forums.

Rachel, AT&T Community Specialist.

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3 months ago

Hi Rachel,

I am already in the online "check or manage my voicemail" portal. That option under "More Actions" called "Forward via email" is exactly what is not working. I also cannot play back voicemails online or save our messages due to an "unexpected authentication challenge." I have already utilized the troubleshooting tips. My internet connection is strong and my voicemail is set up. We have several messages sitting in our inbox that we cannot access.

Also, yes, the issue is with a business account.


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3 months ago

Because ATT marked my last comment as "private" despite it's lack of personal details:

This issue persists with no fix in sight. First, as this is a business account, my drop-down navigation menu does not have a "Home Phone" selection. I can, however, "Go to my account," scroll down to "My Business Phone"- which shows how much unlimited we've used for the month- and click the three dots in the right corner of that box for "Check or manage voicemail." This takes me to "Voicemail Messages - 

This Inbox portal is unusable. I cannot listen to the messages in a browser (and this is an issue across browsers, operating systems, and devices, no matter if I clear cookies first or not). I cannot forward messages to email. I cannot listen to messages by dialing *98 because they sound scrambled over the phone audio and intercom. I can't even forward via voicemail.

This is a major problem, ATT, as our business cannot listen to and thus respond to messages left on our phone by clients.

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