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Friday, December 2nd, 2022 4:42 PM

Disappointing interaction with Sales Representative

Recently I tried sales to explore a few solutions such as hybrid cloud SIP trunk, cost of plans, static IP, and more ...

I got extremely frustrated because the sales representative was not only blasting music on the background but also was constantly using expressions like "(Edited per community guidelines)" and "(Edited per community guidelines)".

I am not from the USA but I came to find out those are considered quite offensive in the USA.

Overall, I am extremely frustrated with AT&T services. The lack of knowledgeable employees, the sluggishness when trying to get any sort of support, the difficulty in reaching corporate representatives to fix, consult or buy solutions, and now the irresponsible/offensive interactions.

With AWS, GCP and Azure I always have excellent support. Just happens that with the ISP those are not so great.

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