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Thursday, March 7th, 2019 5:00 PM

Generally Frustrated

Im having a hard time understanding why it's so difficult to obtain something that, according to att, was supposed to be a reward. I've made attempts to ascertain the status of my supposed reward by phone (rewards customer service), where I was then redirected to another department for a "more detailed" look at my account only to be transferred in enough circles to make me dizzy out of sheer frustrated angst and almost subsequently caused me throw my still new shiny att phone out of the nearest window. I've tried emailing which just now ended with the rewards customer service...@#$_&_$_-+&'":&_$$...

My apologies, I digress. Now some may reaf this and think that I'M taking the issue too seriously, but to those I pose this simple question, since att or any business for that matter, expects us to keep our word and follow all contracts and agreements both written and verbal, should not the business be held to the same standards of accountability? I know that if I dragged my heels for 4 months in paying my phone bill that I'd be quickly without service and still liable for the subsequent service bill, so how can any business drag their collective heels in relinquishing their hold on a mere $75 Walmart gift card which come to think of it shouldn't be so hard seeing that the $75 is coming out of a entirely separate corporate office. So I ask again... Why do we have to expend so much energy for something that is supposed to be a stated reward

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