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Sun, Dec 24, 2017 10:29 PM

Who do I speak with about an employee assaulting me in the store

I was assaulted and when an employee from at&t ran across the store and body checked me physically. I will admit I was anxious when I went in for other reasons that May have been perceived as rude but I did not hurt anyone and I don't take medications like for my anxiety and drive especially with my kids in the car. I came in to pick up a sim card bc the phone I bought my son for Christmas had a defective sim card. I asked for the sim I was told I had to wait which had no problem doing but I asked since they are free and it takes 10 seconds literally to get one if he could just grab one he said no so I stood and waited. I though i heard an employee in the back of the store say something to me so I said loudly what did you say bc he was far away I didn't yell to be rude and even apologized. My anxiety was really getting to me and i said ugh I hate this store. Which I thought I said in my head but i didn't. Apologized again. 4 people  working in store were manager, new employee of one month and 2 rude classless women who decided to stare me down and talk to customers about me I know bc they pointed and looked straight at rude all the while I'm still waiting. I get tired of one woman mouthing words things to me and other stuff so I decided to take a pic of everyone working so I could contact someone and say that she was rude. Well she didn't like that and I asked her to stop making faces and mouthing things to me she ran across the room and hit chest to chest with. I am already injured from previous accident i almost feel but stepped forward and told her to get the [word filter avoidance] off me and out of my face but she kept on until the newbie employee stepped in almost immediately. The manager did nothing didn't repremand her or anything. The employee wasn't going to give me my sim card he had in his hand but I said look I was just attacked and want to leave. I felt threatened so he finally gave me the sim. All the while I was parked directly in front of the stores glass front windows and doors dead center with my 2 boys ages 8 and 12 in the vehicle watching it all.i got to my car where my boys saw eveything by the way and I called 911 the store didn't i did. All the while im on the phone the woman who attacked me was flipping the bird mouthing the words [word filter avoidance] you, sticking her tongue out pressing her breasts against the door for me and my kids to see bc she knew she would get away with it. 2 Cops came I tell my story, my kids even try to talk but me and them got ignored. Bc all the employees lied for each other. I asked the cop to pull the surveillance tape and see the truth and the flat denied to do it they had their mind made up also cops said 4 independent customers told the same story as the employees that's funny bc I'm pretty sure the people that were there left b4 cops arrived and it was new customers I the store. I bet and know the employees were telling lies to the new customers. And were peobably given a phone or something to back up their story I assume. The cops did nothing the manager did nothing.i was also told I'd I came back I would be arrested. Seriously I did nothing wrong. My kids were terrified and crying not knowing what to do. I want to know why that witch employee got away with it. If an at&t at corporate level cant talk to me and find out the truth I will be severely disappointed that at&t condone abusing customers. I will set up  protest at any and all the stores across the country that I can bc I know other people have their own beef with at&t and I'm sure it wont be hard to do. I have read alot of complaints and heard people wanting to take action.That hurts to even say bc I'm not a hateful person I just want all the employees there today 12/24 fired. Especially that nasty woman employee. I bet they probably erased the surveillance too. I just want help. I thought at&t had better customer service and employees than nasty people who need anger management and life skills




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3 years ago

I have pictures of the employees but i feel ots right to upload them and i should only reveal them to a higher up in the company.

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3 years ago

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