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Tue, Jun 19, 2018 2:14 AM

Worst decision of my life

AT&T is trash. I switched from Verizon and I regret it so much. Customer service is horrible! They are always rude! Never resolve any problems and not only are they rude and not trained well but one of them threatened me! They threatened to come to my house and after I complained and reported it to a supervisor they never updated me on anything and I’m sure they didn’t do anything to the worker! I feel harassed and was scared to be in my own home. Worst company I’ve ever went too. Hidden fees every month! What they said I’d be paying every month was a lie and I’m being charged DOUBLE that. It’s ridiculous. I do not even get service in half the places I go to. Once this contract is done with, I’m out. Never again. 


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