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Wed, Jun 20, 2012 12:33 PM

Unlock Lumia 900

Dear ATT,

On June 10, 2012 I bought Nokia Lumia 900 {edited} at one of BEST BUY stores in New York City. The phone was bought for full "regular" within NO contract. This means that I can use the phone where ever I want without ANY contract with ATT. I have also asked sales representatives if I can use this phone in my country. I was told that I won't have any problems because I paid regular price. I was also told  I will be given "unlock" code and able to use this phone with any wireless provider while maintaining Manufacturer Warranty.  I wasn't notified if any issues regarding this phone, as well as I didn't find any restrictions mentioned in receipt, phone box or within  accompanied paperwork. I didn't sign any paper regarding special terms of use for the phone during first 4 month. As soon as I got back home I called ATT seeking unlock code. However, I was told that aforementioned code can not be issued before October 8, 2012.

As a result I can not use the phone which I bought for regular price, because there is no ATT in my country (Belarus), and I am not able to use it with other providers. Besides, I can't return the phone cause there is no Best Buy here as well. All aforementioned issued violate my consumer rights. ATT didn't completely informed me regarding all possible issues regarding my purchase such as inability to unlock the phone within 4 months. Besides, ATT didn't also inform sales representatives from other retailers regarding this issue, what violates my rights as well. 

This issue resulted in financial and moral losses, I have to spend significant portion of my time talking to ATT. As a lawful guest of the  United Stated of America and a consumer I believe its completely unacceptable.

I am asking you to provide me with the unlock code for this phone ASAP and make all the necessary steps to avoid this in a future. Otherwise, I have no choice but to contact the consumer agencies in US to legally assess this issue and find adequate resolution for it.


MD PhD Uladzimir Karanik




Moderator: Your post has been edited due to personal information.  Please follow all guidelines when participating in the Business Community.  The Community Guidelines can be found HERE.


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