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Tue, Mar 24, 2015 8:26 PM

AT&T Premier Billing Questions?



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6 y ago

I am disgusted with the paperless billing at AT&T. Several times, this scenario has repeated. Today, July 14, I get the email notification that my bill is ready on line. I go on line and download my bill. I pay it. 


THEN I notice that the due date was 11 days ago. What?  Oh, the notification was about LAST month's bill, paid last month.  WHY am I getting a notification on July 14 for a bill due July 3?


Because when the notification is sent it is for the bill from the previous month, already paid (and would now be overdue if I had not paid it. THIS month's bill is not available on line.


I understand my own stupidity at repeatedly having been tricked by this billing "process" of theirs. 


Please, send me a notification of a bill for the current billing period, not for the previous one!!

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6 y ago

Hello @jessdana,


How frustrating! What may I do to help? Please send me the following details in a private message by clicking here.


Account Name

Account Number

Callback Number

Email Address


Thank You,

Nancy T.

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