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Friday, May 26th, 2023 6:59 PM

SIM-less activation of iPhone using EID in Premiere

Hi everyone,

My question is specific to SIM-less activation of iPhone using EID in Premiere ; to be super clear, this is different process than scanning a QR eSIM with the phone camera and activating a line that way. In my use case we enter the iPhone's EID and IMEI2 into Premiere to activate a line on the phone without using a physical SIM

Here's the rub: it appears that the device must be wiped for this to work and it appears that AT&T's partnership with Apple in this specific case is that mechanically the eSIM is pushed at the iOS actuation phase.

IMHO this is nuts; the QR eSIM was real time, as soon as you scan it (provided you've already plugged the corresponding QR eSIM data into Premiere) and it starts working WITHOUT the need to wipe

Any feedback here? Any help? We can't be asking the end users to wipe their device just  so the new line is pushed to it? To be clear, I'm not talking about changing phone number in Premiere, that's easy and of course it doesn't require wipe. I'm talking about assigning a brand new line to already working iOS device, for example when we add a business line to employee owned iPhone.




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